About me

Life is an experiment with trials and errors along the way. I did my 1st option trade back in Feb, 2005 when i spent all my dough on RBC $40 strike calls. The stock stayed below $40 by option expiration. $130 was all what I could salvage. if there was anything good came out of this miserablly failed trade, then i should say that it served as a catalyst for my equity and options trading career. Ever since then, I have done more than 15,000 options trades with 85% success rate. I began my trading career as licensed options trader; later I moved up to do trade management and Risk Management at BMO investorline, E*trade Canada (Scotia i trade), TD Waterhouse, and Questrade. However, nothing excites me more than simply doing options trading.  After all, I am a trader by nature with nerve of steel and contrarian mindset. I have been working as a portfolio trader/manager of my own account since 2011.

Albert Yang

An options trader's soliloquies